4GX with the new Twin Peak Pro MiMo and True Blue LTE 4Gx MiMo 700Mhz G Spotter Antenna Range


With the new 700Mhz 4GX LTE Wireless Broadband becoming available Australia Wide. It is now possible to achieve Internet speeds the same as our city friends, using G Spotter antennas.

The video shows the new Twin Peak Pro antenna using the New OPTUS 4G LTE 700Mhz frequency to achieve download speeds in excess of 20Meg. $660 inc GST

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Meet the Brand New G Spotter "True Blue" 3G 4G 4GX LTE Antenna!

True MiMo for the best LTE 4G 4GX speeds in Australia. 2 antennas in one. 2 Individual elements in one slim line antenna for true Multiple in Multiple out (MiMo).

Whats New
Supports Telstra 3G over, 850Mhz
Supports 4G & 4GX over 700Mhz / 2100Mhz / 2600Mhz
Supports Optus Vodaphone 3G over, 850Mhz / 900Mhz
Supports Optus Vodaphone 4G over 700Mhz / 2100Mhz
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Buy one now for only $298 + 33 p&H

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