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Our G Spotter Antennas will work in all sorts of tricky and marginal reception areas. We have been around since the start of 3G internet in 2007 and we have had many happy customers. All our Antennas and Low Loss Extension Cables are of the highest quality are built tough for rugged Australian Conditions

*We aim to make sure you have the best chance of receiving a much greater signal where you need it. Faster and more stable wireless broadband internet. If you purchase an antenna and find that is not successful in your particular spot, We can arrange for a refund of the antenna (As long as the antenna is returned promptly in a resaleable condition and you will need to pay for any freight).





Twin Peak Pro Plus - MiMo 700Mhz 4GX - 4G/3G 850/900Mhz

Faster and Stronger 4GX MiMo for Optus Telstra & Vodafone

Highest Passive Gain YAGI Array UPGRADED for 2019 .. This is the ultimate antenna if you "Just Have To Get Connected" MiMo Optus - Telstra - Vodafone - 4G plus 4GX 700Mhz 4G/3G - 850/900 Mhz . The antenna comes with 10 Metres of LMR 400 10mm commercial Low Loss cable, all mounting brackets and connectors.

The NEW 42 Element "Twin Peak Pro Plus" is shipped in kit form and assembles very easily (8 bolts & a few cable ties) So when you receive your antenna it only requires mounting to a sturdy pole and pointing towards the tower & Connecting to your Modem The "Twin Peak Pro Plus" is shipped in kit form and assembles very easily -- $698 + $33 P&H

(Pole not Included)

Cel-Fi inline Repeater  Telstra Mobile Phone and Broadband data with G Spotter Twin Peak Pro Antenna

Telstra or Optus - 3G or 4G 4GX Mobile Phone Repeater

The fully approved Telstra or Optus inline Mobile Phone Repeater with the addition of the G Spotter Twin Peak Pro Plus can ensure a strong boosted Telstra or Optus mobile phone signal all around your house inside & out ...while at the same time full Telstra 4GX or Optus 4G Plus super Fast wireless broadband signal to your broadband modem or 4Gx Smartphone. Lightning fast data speeds now available from remote areas.

Perfect antenna solution for all 3G or 4G 4GX smart phones & 4G 4GX Modems (Ring for Detailed Pricing)


True Blue G Spotter MiMo LTE Antenna

True Blue MiMo LTE Antenna with Swivel Wall & Pole Mounting brackets, 2 x 1.5mtr Cables for 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2300/2600 Mhz MiMo -- $298 + $33 P&H

(Pole not Included)


True Blue MiMo Portable Package

Take Your G Spotter with you. This package is all you need including a magnetic suction cup base and 2 patch cables to suit most portable & USB modems.
($440 + $33 P&H)

The G Spotter MiMo Mate LTE Antenna Is the perfect solution for increasing signal and speed

The G Spotter MiMo LTE Antenna

The MiMo Mate LTE Antenna Is the perfect solution for increasing signal and speed. Use it at home or in the car.. 2 strong suction cups hold this antenna to the glass There are duel 1 Mtr cables that then connect to the modem The antenna is supplied with SMA screw on connections and 2 X TS9 adaptors . For Optus, Telstra & Vodaphone 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2300/2600/2700 Mhz MiMo -- $155 + $11 P&H


SUPER MAXI WiFi High-Boost Antenna

Extend your Wifi network in the direction you desire. Comes with a 1.5 Mtr lead for connecting to your wireless routers external antenna connection. Create a huge WiFi Hotspot around the house or farm. - $249 + $33 P&H

(Pole not Included)

.The New slim line G Spotter 69er..

The Sixty Niner

Perfect for the boat or 4WD - as used by the NSW Maritime service & NSW Police

This Omnidirectional Antenna is 69 cm tall & will work on all mobile frequencies 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2300/2600 Mhz - Upgrade from your old 3G car or boat antenna and get super fast 4GX internet on the move - $298 + $33 P&H

The Sixty Niner comes with 5m of low loss cable + FME-SMA Adaptor, brackets for vertical pole mount or Bullbar mounting


LTE Stubby

Similar to the Sixty Niner but only 20cm High, this antenna will work on all mobile frequencies 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2300/2600 Mhz

The LTE Stubby has a screw base perfect for mounting on a 4wd roof rack or bull bar (as used by the NSW Police, NSW RFS, ABC Radio )

The LTE Stubby comes with 1.5m of low loss cable + TS9 Patch Cable - $249 + $33 P&H


WiFi High Gain Omni Directional Antenna

Measuring approx. 1m tall, you can plug this antenna into your router to extend your WiFi network in 360 degrees - $229 + 33P&H


Special 5 Mtr Low Loss LMR 200 Extension Cable (5mm)

suits The G Spotter™ - $29 + $11 P&H


Special 10 Mtr Low Loss LMR 200 Extension Cable (5mm)

$44 + $11 P&H


SUPER 5 Mtr Low Loss LMR 400 Extension Cable (10mm)

---------- $99 + $22 P&H


SUPER 10 Mtr Low Loss LMR 400 Extension Cable (10mm)

---------- $140 + $22 P&H


Patch Cable

To Suit Most TELSTRA & OPTUS 4GX 4G 3G Modems - $22 + $5 P&H


Patch Cable

Y Branch Patch Cable for Most TELSTRA & OPTUS 4GX 4G 3G USB & WiFi Modems - $33 + $5 P&H