Twin Peak Pro Plus

Twin Peak Pro Plus

Highest Passive Gain YAGI Array UPGRADED for 2019 ..
This is the ultimate antenna if you "Just Have To Get Connected" MiMo Optus - Telstra - Vodafone - 4G plus 4GX 700Mhz 4G/3G - 850/900 Mhz

The antenna comes with 10 Metres of LMR 400 10mm Commercial Low Loss cable, all mounting brackets and connectors. Get city internet speeds even up to 60Ks from a transmission tower.

The NEW 42 Element "Twin Peak Pro Plus" is shipped in kit form and assembles very easily (8 bolts & a few cable ties) so when you receive your antenna it only requires mounting to a sturdy pole and pointing towards the tower & connecting to your Modem.

Check out this video ... The Unboxing of the New Twin Peak Pro Plus

($698 + $33 Delivery)
(Pole not Included)

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